Expert auditors in the aged care, community care and disability sector.

Processes and systems that help give you the best chance of succeeding and improving.

Certification places trust in your services to meet your Clients needs.

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Community Audits Australia (CAA) is an auditing organisation that takes pride in meeting exceptionally high levels of compliance across our business. We are highly experienced and committed to ensuring that only the best support and services is being provided to people living in the community.

Meeting standards shouldn’t just be about ticking boxes, it should be about making sure the service you provide is meeting the needs of clients and helping them to reach their goals. We seek to award providers with certification after a thorough investigation, to highlight their dedication to providing the best care possible.

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Expert Auditors

Our auditors come from your industry and specialise in auditing community and home services providers. 

Owned by Not for Profit & Charity

We are owned by a not-for profit Peak Body, specialising in quality management in the Community Sector, so we make it our business to understand your business.


We are a small team who values and supports its Clients.  We are committed to being responsive to your needs and supporting you through this journey.