• NDIS Out of Cycle or Condition Audits

    You may have received a letter from the NDIS Commission of an out of cycle of conditions audit.  This is becoming more common of recent times.  Often it is where a Provisional Provider has now got participants or where there has been issues raised and NDIS requests an additional audit given their scope of powers to review providers ongoing performance.  We can help work you through this and organise an audit against the conditions raised.
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​If you received a condition on your registration that requires a follow-up stage 2 audit,
or if you want to vary your registration outside of your normal audit cycle, we can help.


Send us your scope of audit and we can help you fine tune your application and provide you with a quote​.


We'll provide you with a service agreement for your audit.

Provide Documents

Send your documents through to us and we'll book your audit date with one of our specialist auditors.

Stage 1

Your auditor will review the documents you have submitted and provide feedback for you as to whether your ready to progress to Stage 2 or further work is required. This is not usually needed for S73 Conditions.

Stage 2

Meet with your audit team (face to face or remotely) to discuss your policies and procedures, and demonstrate how your business provides excellent service. This may require additional sampling of your participants and staff.


Your auditor will produce a report with their recommendation. This will involve combining the audit teams findings, and then a peer review process will be undertaken to independently validate the findings.


You have the chance to review the audit report before we submit it to the Commission. 

Submission to Commission

Your report and our recommendation are submitted electronically to the NDIS Commission.


The NDIS Commission consider a variety of information about your business, including our report and make a final decision about your registration.


Most Providers have a follow up audit at 18 months to check in and make sure everything is still working well. You will book this in with CAA about 6 months prior.


At 3 years, you will need to apply for your registration to be renewed.... and the cycle starts again.