• NDIS Verification

    Are you ready for Verification?  Have you contacted the NDIS Commission and their Scope recommends Verification? If Yes... then here is the process.
    Start the process with CAA


Send us your scope of audit and we can help you fine tune your application and provide you with a quote​.


We'll provide you with a service agreement for your audit.

Provide Documents

Send your documents through to us and we'll book your audit date with one of our specialist auditors.

Stage 1 Document Review

Your auditor will review the documents you have submitted and provide feedback for you.  It is really important to respond promptly to the auditor so they can process things quickly for you.


Your auditor will produce a report with their recommendation.  This will then undergo a Peer Review process by another lead auditor who will validate the findings and recommendation.


You have the chance to review the audit report before we submit it to the NDIS Commission.

Submission to Commission

Your report and our recommendation are submitted electronically to the NDIS Commission.


The NDIS Commission consider a variety of information about your business, including our report and make a final decision about your registration.


At 3 years, you will need to apply for your registration to be renewed.... and the cycle starts again.  Don't forget to contact CAA at least 6 months prior to ensure we have your date booked in.