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CAA is an independent subsidiary company of the Australian Community Industry Alliance (ACIA) is a not-for-profit organisation that has been supporting community service providers in both the disability and aged care sectors since 2005, with a mission to ensure that service providers progressively work to the very best quality outcomes for their clients. By embracing quality standards, ACIA has provided the foundation for community organisations to develop successful businesses and ensuring safety and quality in service delivery to Clients.

As an organisation, while CAA is entirely independent from ACIA, we understand the industry we are servicing, and our auditors therefore have a high level of experience of working in Disability, Community Care and Aged Care, across the community and human services sector. Profit generated by CAA is directed back to ACIA, to support it in helping improve quality and service delivery in the industry.

ACIA was proudly a key stakeholder in the development of the NDIS Practice Standards.